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• 12/8/2018
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• 11/20/2018

Which spy?

  • James Bond
  • Jason Bourne
  • Jack Bower
  • John Wick
  • Johnny English
  • Jack Reacher
  • Eathen Hunt
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• 11/19/2018

Who is the best

  • Jason bourne
  • Jack Reacher
  • Eathen Hunt
  • James Bond.
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• 11/5/2018

And this ???
The Bourne Identity |2002| All Fight Scenes [Edited]
The Bourne Identity |2002| All Fight Scenes [Edited] YouTube
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• 11/5/2018
Clive Owen being a badass
Clive Owen being a badass YouTube
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• 11/5/2018
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• 10/11/2018

Any new ?

Anything new, news on an upcoming Bourne movie ?
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• 7/12/2018


James Bond or Jason Bourne?
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• 4/14/2018
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• 1/7/2018

Hello paintball

Im stephen cunningham
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• 1/6/2018

Stephen Cunningham

Anyone living through any series of bull crap due to the fbi sheriffs police or cia
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• 9/19/2017

The liste of the blackops of the CIA in the movies

Hello ! I'm new and I recently Watch the movie Jason Bourne? and I am curious about the list of the blackops of CIA. When Bourne view the fils abouthe the blackops, there is a list of files about it, and I want to know if there is information about those operation ?
Sorry if you don't understand or if it same you strangethe way I write, I'm french.
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• 3/2/2017


Hii I'm new here!!
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• 1/24/2017

Wiki Organization

So it should be fairly obvious that the organization of this wiki, in terms of article names and the separating of book and film articles, is pretty bad. I don't think this was intentional (or, I hope not), but it needs some serious reworking. I have some suggestions, and I hope that anybody who wishes to see the betterment of this wiki will chime in with their own ideas.

First, the names of articles. There are "Book:" articles, "Film:" articles, and then there are articles with neither of these distinctions. I believe that this sort of separation should be removed entirely, especially considering that the separation doesn't really do anything. The article about Jason Bourne in the books is still full of information from the movies, and there are several articles about Jason Bourne from the films, like "Film: David Webb" and "FILM: JASON BOURNE." There should be one article; Jason Bourne. It should have two main subsections, "Films" and "Novels", and that's it for separation. The recently released movie's article would be called "Jason Bourne (film)" (as it is) and would have a template at the top saying "This article is about the film. For the character, see 'Jason Bourne.'"

And yes, the character page should be called "Jason Bourne," not "David Webb." David is his real name, yes, but not his most common one. Wikis should have a focus on ease of use, and Jason Bourne is what people are going to be searching for.

All other character pages should follow suit. The page about Marie Kreutz should be called "Marie Kreutz" and should make mention at the top that the character from the books that she is based off of is "Marie St. Jaques." There should then be an article about her, as they are different characters.

Anyway, this is kind of long winded, but it makes sense, and it will make the wiki a better place. I love the Bourne series and will be editing here (hopefully) quite a bit, so I may be able to get some administration abilities to help further this ambitious goal.
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• 12/19/2016


I am new, hello community'
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• 12/12/2016
Go to
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• 11/2/2016
Hello world
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• 9/1/2016


I'm the new here
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• 8/1/2016
Did anybody else see the new movie yet? What did you guys think?
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• 7/27/2016
Have you guys heard the rumors that Matt Damon wants to do a superhero movie directed by Ben Affleck? Not exactly Bourne-related, but I figure you guys might have interesting thoughts on who he might play...
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