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Anna Collier is a long-standing Treadstone agent working alongside Leo Biller.


Anna worked with Samantha McKenna and Leo Biller in the Treadstone program for several years prior to the exposure of Operation Blackbriar. During this time Anna didn’t focus on questioning anything, instead dedicating herself to following orders precisely and rising through the ranks. As a result she stayed employed when Blackbriar went public, while Samantha returned to civilian life and was left under the assumption that the entire operation was closed down.


The Hades Awakening[]

When Leo Biller returned from attempting to resolve a situation with Doug McKenna going rogue, Anna harangued him over a mission to kill Marcus Sachs and Doug's botched mission to kill Patty Vernon. Leo assured her that the police would handle the Patty Vernon aftermath and that a different asset, Vincent, would be used to deal with Marcus Sachs in lieu of Doug.

The Cicada Covenant[]

Anna arrived again to harangue Leo when it turned out that "Vincent" missed his target window to kill Padre Vicuna. Anna and Leo retired to address the situation, sending two soldiers to kill Vicuna directly, but they then received confirmation from "Vincent" that Vicuna had been eliminated.

Samantha barged in on their meeting offering to help, citing Vincent's spotty serotonin levels, but Anna brushed her off as unneeded and attempted to exclude her from the flow of information. However, Leo was still willing to reveal where "Vincent" was and the reasoning for this assassination to Samantha: Colombia, and to help a mining company get access to rare-earth metal veins without dispute from native leaders. This bothered Anna as Samantha was no longer "cleared for that", to which Leo suggested that Samantha might be useful in logistics once again.

Rather than respond to the job offer, Samantha instead wondered why Treadstone would work for private companies, prompting Anna to deride Samantha for moral outrage. When Samantha asked if she even knew the reason, Anna surprisingly listed it straight away. Anna claimed that with the global population and scarcity rising, "natural resources are in play" and that America must have first access to priority materials in order to maintain their survival.