Bourne's friend and ultimately, his enemy in The Bourne Sanction (novel). Successor of Ibrahim Sever, a former patron of Black Legion. Using names as Dominic Specter, he planned to use Jason Bourne as a decoy for his ultimate plan, Destruction over the West. Professor Dominic Specter, as a friend of Professor Jason Bourne, asked Bourne to investigate activities of Eastern Brotherhood, the successor of Black Legion. He sacrificed (according to Bourne, killed) his son, Pyotr Zilber to ensured Bourne that his enemy is Semion Icoupov. Sever himself had an unmeasurable hatred for Icoupov, after his father's death. Sever/Specter planned to destroy Moon of Hormuz to destruct Long Beach, California, and ruined US economy for that. After the shootout, Sever became paralyzed.