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This article is about something not canon to the Bourne Films or Novel series.

Assassinate Wombosi is the thrid level in The Bourne Conspiracy in 2008.


Disable Submarine and heipchopter[]

Disable ship Alarm stsyem[]

Bourne went underground and learned about Wombosi's two getaway vehicles: the mini-submarine and the helicopter. To destroy them, Bourne shut down the alarm system to delay the soldiers, then went to the mini-sub's docking bay and released it.

After this, Solomon et al discovered that the alarm system had been turned off, but Solomon didn't want to bother Wombosi, which gave Bourne more time. On his way to the deck, Bourne happened to be in the conference room when the head of the Corsican General insulted the Wombosi soldiers, even pointing a gun at them and mocking them as useless cowards because of their fear of guns. Conklin advised Bourne to use General's gun to kill Wombosi to make the assassination look like General was staging a palace coup. Bourne came to the deck, shorted out the chopper's wiring to destroy it

Find General and obtain his gun[]

After crossing the pool above, Bourne entered General's office. Conklin asked Bourne to download some logs from his computer. However, General came out of his office and tried to“Take care of Bourne on his own”, but he was quickly grabbed by Bourne and knocked into the printer, unconscious.

Find and assassinate Wombosi & Kill Solomon[]

Bourne gets General's gun and heads up to Wombosi's room. Before that he was attacked by Solomon and forced to fight him. Finally, Bourne throws Solomon overboard again. When Bourne aimed for Wombosi's head, he saw Wombosi's two children, which made it impossible for him to kill Wombosi. As Bourne turned to leave, however, a suspected agent shot him twice in the back, sending him overboard. Bourne was floating in the sea and was rescued by a fishing boat, but despite this, he lost his memory. Two days later, he arrived in Zurich, Switzerland, and rested in the park, but was questioned by two police officers. By instinct, he subdued two police officers and recalled a mission 18 months earlier.