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Camp Silverlake, MI

Camp Silverlake was the sinister 1950s equivalent of Guantanamo Bay's Camp X-Ray. Located in rural Michigan, Camp Silverlake became the final resting place of numerous communist agents that had infiltrated the US Army during the Korean War.


Typically the prisoners were flown in under cover of darkness on so-called Cenotaph Flights into nearby Nartron Field from where the short road transit to Silverlake could be made without rousing the suspicions of the local population. One inside the camp, prisoners were initially softened-up in the Peter Hole for a period of anything between 14 and 28 days. Thereafter they were interrogated using various psychological and physical techniques under the direction of the facility's Director, Agent Bootlace.

Those prisoners selected for termination were usually shot by firing squad, their remains being rendered down into fish food at a nearby factory.

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