The Bourne Directory

Catherine Staples was the Senior Foreign Service Officer in in Hong Kong when Marie St Jacques was kidnapped. She was often seen as very harsh by others, getting nicknames such as 'Cool' Catherine, 'Ice-cold- Catherine, 'Stick' Staples, and even 'Catherine the Great'.

Early Life[]

Quite skilled in her field of work, Catherine was advanced rapidly through the Department of External Affairs. This however had cost her an early marriage, and caused her to forsworn the martial state for the rest of her life, believing the demans of travel and the insane hours of her job were unacceptable to any man worth having.

Catherine first met Marie while she was with the Treasury Board in Ottawa where she briefed the diplomatic corps prior to their assignments. She took two refresher courses, one for the European Common Market and the other for Hong Kong.

The Bourne Supremacy[]

Just as Catherine was climbing inside a consulate car she confronted by a desperate Marie. Catherine cancelled her scheduled lunch on the pretext of a summons from the British Delegation. She had the driver take the two of them to Food Street in Causeway Bay to eat before they were taken to Catherine's apartment so Marie could explain what was going on.