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The Central Intelligence Agency (Known as CIA) is the foreign intelligence service of the United States. It was created by the National Security Act of 1947 and is based on a concept made in 1944. The Central Intelligence Agency was preceded by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).


The CIA is made up of several directorates, each of which fills a specialized role:

  • The Directorate of Operations is responsible for the clandestine collection of all foreign intelligence, and for counterintelligence gathered outside of the United States.
  • The Directorate of Intelligence is responsible for the analysis of intelligence and the production of reports.
  • The Directorate for Science and Technology is comprised of various offices, including The Office of Technical Service. Most offices in this Directorate gather SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) and relays the information in the transmissions.
  • The Special Activities Division, which Bourne is part of, is responsible for Black Operations and Information Warfare. [1]


Bourne Books[]

In the Bourne novels, Treadstone 71 was a CIA Black Operations Program to produce assassins.

Bourne Movies[]

In the Bourne films, three black operations programs were undertaken by the CIA. They were Operation Treadstone, Operation Blackbriar (Treadstone upgrade), and Operation Outcome (Treadstone without the inconsistencies). The three produced assassins. As taken in the commentary of the Bourne Identity, these programs would fall under the Directorate of Operations, specifically in the Special Activities Division.


Treadstone TV series[]



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