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I-volunteered-because-of-a-lie-photo-u1 I volunteered because of a lie.”

This article is about something not canon to the Bourne Films or Novel series.

Charles Renard is an international arms dealer appearing in The Bourne Conspiracy video game.


The Bourne Conspiracy[]

Renard is known for arming violent uprisings in Africa, the Middle East, and even third-world Asia.

During the events of the video game, Renard is hosting a black-tie ball at his art museum, but it is actually a front for a weapons deal. While sneaking through the museum, he notices that another assassin hired by the buyer has been taking out Renard's men. He kills the buyer's assassin and makes it to the site of the weapons deal. He tries to find the weapon, but Renard and the buyer, who we now know is a man named Azar, get to it first (the weapon is revealed to be a dirty bomb), and then Azar double crosses and shoots Renard. Bourne now must change his primary to objective to killing Azar. In the crossfire between Azar's and Renard's men, he manages to chase Azar through the museum and shoot down his helicopter.