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General Chin-Hwa Kwon (Korean: 권 진화) was a North Korean general and a secondary character in Treadstone.


Kwon was originally involved in Operation Treadstone, knowing several of the cicadas personally. When he became aware of several North Korean rogues building funds to purchase Stiletto Six, he hacked them and appropriated 500 million in cryptocurrency, ruining their plans.


The Cicada Protocol[]

Kwon surprises the CIA by requesting an audience from Tara Coleman, a disgraced journalist who became a cab driver. Although the CIA quickly had a recording device emplaced on Coleman, Kwon suspected as much and delivered misleading information to them, saying not to trust the CIA and that "they" are waking the cicadas, starting Treadstone again.

When Coleman asked what Treadstone was, Kwon destroyed her recording device, shutting out the CIA. He then revealed that a rogue group in North Korea had raised funds to purchase the launch codes to Stiletto Six, a decommissioned Russian nuclear missile that Coleman was discredited over attempting to expose. Kwon pressed Coleman to acquire the launch codes before they did, believing she would help due to her willingness to throw her career away over Stiletto Six. He directed Coleman to go to the Ecuadorian embassy in France with his daughter Jang-Mi in order to get started, and after imploring her to help him save his family, he departed.

Returning to North Korea, Kwon was confronted by Soyun Pak, a particularly skilled cicada who had recently been awoken. Kwon expected this, and addressed Pak in English, which she was shocked to realize she understood. Kwon demanded to know who sent her, who woke her up, but as she did not know, he simply attacked her. Kwon nearly took the upper hand despite his age, disarming Pak of her needle and sending it skittering into a shower drain, but Pak eventually managed to garrote him with a piece of cloth.