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Dr. Connie Dowd was a supporting antagonist in the 2012 film The Bourne Legacy. She was a government operative and a part of a team sent by Eric Byer to kill biochemist Marta Shearing. Dowd was ultimately killed by protagonist Aaron Cross.

She was portrayed by actress Elizabeth Marvel.


Dowd is a member of a D-Track Team working clandestinely for the Department of Defense in carrying out covert assassinations. She is implied to be active or former military. In The Bourne Legacy she is instructed alongside several other operatives by Col. Eric Byer, the director of the National Research Assay Group.

She tells Marta Shearing that she is a Clinical Psychologist working for the federal government, however it is possible this is a cover identity and she is not medically qualified. When first visiting Shearing's house she is accompanied by fellow operative Larry Hooper, who identifies himself as a federal agent assisting her.

Dowd is seen armed with a Glock 19, although she is injured by Aaron Cross early on in a fight and is forced to use her non-dominant left hand to manipulate the weapon. After she and her team are killed by Cross and he burns down the property, her body is discovered by civilian emergency workers. It is said to have dog tags, further indicating Dowd is either active or former military.