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D-Track Teams are elite teams of U.S. military personnel who conduct assassinations. They do not report to the usual chain of command, but are authorized by select Department of Defense personnel. They first appear in The Bourne Legacy.

The Bourne Legacy[]

In The Bourne Legacy, one team of five agents is sent to assassinate Dr. Marta Shearing as part of a campaign orchestrated by the National Research Assay Group to cover all traces of Operation Outcome. They are instructed by Col. Eric Byer, the director of NRAG.

Shearing was the sole survivor of a mass shooting of her colleagues at Sterisyn-Morlanta, also the work of NRAG via the brainwashing of Dr. Donald Foite. The team's objective was to frame Shearing's death as a suicide stemming from survivors guilt. Four are killed by Aaron Cross when he intercepts them.


  • Dr. Connie Dowd - uses cover identity of a government clinical psychologist
  • Larry Hooper - uses cover identity of a federal agent
  • Gene - provides armed backup
  • Unnamed Driver - provides armed backup
  • Leonard - the sole survivor, remains in car as off-site backup