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Dr. Dan Hilcott is a minor character in The Bourne Legacy film. He serves as a minor plot point in the movie and was only shown in archive footage. Hilcott is portrayed by actor Neil Brooks Cunningham.



In 1985, Dan Hilcott was a researcher at Stanford University when he was called upon to investigate a massive viral outbreak in USAMRIID center in Fort Dettrick, Maryland. Upon examining the bodies of five dead researches at the center, he discovered a way to essentially modify the human genome.

This evolved into a research project called Emerald Lake, which was the progenitor for future Beta programs. NRAG, a clandestine government agency, took over the project and created several beta programs in joint effort with JSOC and CIA. A chemical company called Sterisyn-Morlanta was appointed in a secret effort to advance such programs, and Hilcott was employed as a researcher in Streisyn-Morianta. He eventually designed the chems which enhanced physical endurance and mental abilities, and became the medical director for Operation Outcome.

At some point, he also met and established a friendship with Dr. Albert Hirsch, the medical director of Operation Treadstone, and they socialized together. One such meeting was recorded and uploaded on the internet, which compromised Outcome.