The Bourne Directory

Dan Levine is Ellen Becker's senior officer and a member of the CIA. He is a secondary antagonist in Treadstone.


The Cicada Protocol[]

Levine oversaw the dispatch of Matt Edwards to interview Tara Coleman over her connection with General Chin-Hwa Kwon and investigation into Stiletto Six, a decommissioned Russian nuclear missile. During Coleman's conversation with Kwon, Kwon mentioned Operation Treadstone, prompting Levine to clear the situation room so that junior agents would not learn of it. Ellen Becker questioned him on whether the Treadstone program had truly been shut down, and although Levine said it was probably only brought up as a ploy to distract them, he did admit that the program was larger than Becker realized and that Kwon was a part of it. When pressed, Levine would not say whether the program was truly shut down.