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I-volunteered-because-of-a-lie-photo-u1 I volunteered because of a lie.”

This article is about something not canon to the Bourne Films or Novel series.

Dangerous Beginning was the first level of The Bourne Conspiracy in 2008.


Locate and kill O'connor[]

In Marseille, France, two days earlier, Jason Bourne had learned from Alexander Conklin's phone that his target, Nykwanna Wombosi, had left port an hour earlier, and that Wombosi had sent his assassin, O'connor, to kill him for good. According to Conklin's Intel, Bourne went to the south bar looking for O'connor to kill him. However, there were only local workers in the bar who wanted to kill him, and he had to subdue them. When Bourne came out, he was attacked by O'connor.

Kill O'connor[]

Bourne soon cornered him into an abandoned apartment and fought him. Halfway through, o'connor breaks the glass to escape. Bourne eventually intercepted him on the roof and fought him again until he killed o'connor by smashing him into an air-conditioned outdoor unit. Despite Conklin's belief that it was now impossible to assassinate Wombosi, Bourne went to Wombosi's shipyard.


  • O'connor is the one of two Boss with his own moves. The other one is Solomon.