Daniel "Danny" Zorn was Alexander Conklin's Treadstone assistant. After Conklin was killed under orders of Ward Abbott, he was reassigned as Abbott's assistant.


The Bourne Identity

Zorn is a respective assistant to Conklin in The Bourne Identity. He confirms to Conklin that the Bourne's mission to kill Wombosi had failed. Throughout the film, he supervises the analysts in the Treadstone control room and sends Treadstone assets in Europe after Bourne. At the end of The Bourne Identity, when Conklin is finding Bourne himself in Paris, Zorn is instructed by supervisor Ward Abbott to terminate Conklin and shut down Treadstone. He sends the remaining activated asset, Manheim, to kill Conklin. Once it is confirmed that Conklin has been killed, he shuts down Treadstone under orders of Abbott and becomes Abbott's new assistant.

The Bourne Supremacy

When Bourne was framed for setting off a bomb and killing two men, Zorn decides to contact Abott before informing Pamela Landy. Zorn explains to Abbott that Bourne was too smart to have put a bomb in a certain location. While Abott asks Zorn to explain his discovery again, Ward Abbott immediately stabs him with a pocketknife and leaves him to die at the bombing site.

While Pamela is still tracking Bourne, Zorn's body is found by other CIA operatives.

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