The Bourne Directory

Dujia is a new terrorist group that appears in the Bourne Betrayal, founded by Fadi and Karim Al Jamil. Karim is the mastermind of group, while Fadi is the rallying point.


Dujia's plan is to use nuclear weapons to destroy one major American city. To this end, they planted Karim, who used Martin Lindros' identity, as a Deputy Director of CIA.

Their first plot succeeded. Bourne freed Karim, who was disguised as Lindros, and then put him in CIA. Karim misled CIA by giving them fake information on Dujja's nuclear plant in Syria. Later, Bourne traveled to their true base in Pakistan. With aid from Feyd Al Saoud, Saudi's intelligence chief, Bourne stole the nuclear weapon and killed Fadi.

Bourne gambled his life by meeting Karim personally, and gave him the disarmed nuclear weapon. After he made Karim lose his focus, he took the chance and killed Karim.

The fate of Dujja is unknown, but it is safe to tell that they're no longer a dangerous threat following the deaths of their leaders