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Eamon is an ex-boyfriend of Marie Kreutz in the 2002 film The Bourne identity. He was portrayed by Tim Dutton.


The Bourne Identity[]

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When Jason Bourne and Marie Kreutz went to Eamon's house for the night, Eamon happened to be returning home with his two children and was surprised to find Marie and Jason there. Instead of kicking them out, and also because Eamon's wife happened to be out of town, he let Marie and Jason stay overnight.

The next day, when Eamon's dog suddenly disappeared, Jason sensed the professor's presence and hid Marie, Eamon and the children in the basement. After the professor was dealt with, Marie, Eamon and the children decided to drive away and flee the house, leading to Jason and Marie going different directions and unsure of when they would see each other again.


  • While the location of Eamon's farmhouse in the movie is on multiple occasions referred to as being near the city of Riom, the map in Conklin's office at the CIA clearly puts the location near Nevers instead, which is a full 2-hour drive further south from Paris.
  • In The Bourne Conspiracy, Eamon is called Marie's "A friend”.