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"Iron Hand? That's not event operational yet for Christ's Sake!"
―Ret. Gen. Edwin Russell to Robert Dewey[src]

General Edwin Russell (USAF, Ret.) is the Director of National Intelligence and a a former Four-Star General in the United States Air Force. As DNI, Russell is the head of the entire United States Intelligence Community including CIA, NSA and NRAG, and the superior of CIA Director Robert Dewey. He first appears in the 2016 film Jason Bourne, portrayed by actor Scott Shepherd.



Before becoming the Director of National Intelligence, General Edwin Russell served as an officers in the United States Air Force and was a Fighter Pilot. During his time in the Air Force Russell flew more than 5,100 flying hours in numerous Fighter Aircraft such as F-15, F-22 and F-16 including 700 hours in combat.

Russell was later assigned into Sixteenth Air Force, the United States Air Force Major Command which is responsible for information warfare, which encompasses intelligence gathering, analysis, surveillance and reconnaissance, and eventually become the commander of Sixteenth Air Force.

Sometimes between the event on The Bourne Supremacy and Jason Bourne, Russell managed to achieve the fourth-star rank within the air force and eventually retired from active-duty in the Air Force as a Four-Star General. Later on sometimes after retired from the Air Force, Russell was appointed as the Director of National Intelligence which direct and oversee all of the intelligence community including the CIA black-ops Beta program developed with the assistance of the National Research Assay Group.

Jason Bourne[]

In 2016 after a hacking orchestrated by former Treadstone employees Nicolette "Nicky" Parsons occurred in the CIA and leading to the stealing dozen of dossier containing Beta program from operations Treadstone into the new one called operations Iron-Hand. Therefore causing the CIA and the others Intelligence community goes into high alert. Russell then was first seen in the briefing room, where he and CIA Director Robert Dewey was briefed by CIA Cyber-Ops Division Head Heather Lee about the result caused by the hacking and was shocked when learned that the hacker was actually Nicky Parsons who once worked with Jason Bourne since both of them has been gone for almost a decade. Russell become more surprised when he learned that one of the dossier steal by Nicky Parsons contain the information about operations Iron-Hand which according to him it's not operational yet. Russell then asked Dewey about how he's going to handle this situation and Dewey told Russell that he will used any means necessary to hunt and brought down Nicky Parsons and Jason Bourne. Russell then authorize Dewey to conduct the operations in order to hunt Parsons and Bourne before both of them can leak the Beta Program.

At the end of the Movie Russell was then seen again meeting in the car with Heather Lee, in which Lee apologize for the mess caused by an incident in Las Vegas, telling him that Dewey is actually insane and thus his tactics were unwise and outdated. Russell then told Lee that they all still need to come out with the narrative to explain what happen in Las Vegas especially due to Dewey act that caused a spotlight on Iron-Hand and all of them involved. Lee then convince General Russell to appoint him as Dewey successor as CIA Director and promised him that she will become Russell's eyes and ears within the CIA. However Russell asked Lee about what's her plan for Jason Bourne. Lee told Russell that she will use Bourne's trust towards Lee to bring Bourne back to the agency and will prepared to kill him if Bourne went out of control again and refused to cooperate with them. Russell reluctantly agreed with Lee's plan. Unbeknownst to both Russell and Lee that their car have been tailed by Bourne and their conversation was recorded by Bourne whom finally knows both Russell and Lee's plans towards him.