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This article is about something not canon to the Bourne Films or Novel series.

Eliminate Divandelen is the fourth level in The Bourne Conspiracy in 2008.


Head to the First floor of the Garage[]

Jason Bourne recalls an 18-month-old mission to assassinate Ivan Divandelen, a former general in the Turkish army. He had been working with Yemeni terrorists six months earlier, but was arrested for war crimes and was about to go on trial in The Hague. To keep Divandelen alive, the CIA needed Bourne to kill him. Bourne bypasses the guards in the parking lot and arrives at the car transporting Divandelen, but he sees Divandelen's henchmen attack and take Divandelen.

Pursue Divandelen to the Airport[]

Bourne chased devandelen into the airport, where they were about to use the plane to escape.

Get to the Airside Center & Catch up with Divandelen[]

Get to the Tram Station[]

Bourne eventually saw Divandelen at Tram station, but when Divandelen got on Tram, Bourne failed to shoot through the glass and had to chase Tram in from behind. After getting rid of the henchman, the henchman's leader blocks the cab to protect the devandelen. When Bourne drops the leader, tram stops, and Divandelen flees.

Get aboard the Cargo Plane & Neutralize Divandelen[]

Bourne followed the track to the airstrip and managed to get inside devandelen's plane at the last minute. He then defeats the other henchmen and takes Divandelen down, but Divandelen accidentally kills the pilot when he counterattacks, Bourne has to get a parachute and escape, and Divandelen is killed in the explosion of the plane.