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Ellen Becker is a CIA chief of operations and a secondary character in Treadstone.


The Cicada Protocol[]

Becker becomes aware of General Chin-Hwa Kwon of the North Korean People's Army requesting an audience with Tara Coleman, a disgraced journalist-turned-cab driver. Being highly unusual, Becker set up surveillance immediately and dispatched Matt Edwards to meet with Coleman so that they could record the conversation.

While Coleman and Kwon spoke, Kwon mentioned Operation Treadstone, much to Becker's shock. She called off the entry that Edwards suggested and demanded an explanation from her superior, Dan Levine, at which point he cleared the room. Becker repeatedly asked Levine if the Treadstone program was truly over, and asked what the "cicadas" Kwon referred to was, but Levine responded evasively and refused to provide a direct answer when Becker pressed for one.

The Kwon Conspiracy[]

Becker later learned of General Kwon's death, most likely via assassination, and informed Edwards of it. She also revealed another branch of Operation Treadstone, separate from Operation Blackbriar, called Cicada. Cicadas were "sleeper agents deployed into normal cover lives with no memory of their training", and Becker further revealed that Kwon was a handler for several cicadas. She then gave Edwards leave to learn more from Martin Wells, who worked on Treadstone in the past.