"I'm a patriot, the same as you are. I bleed over this, the same way you do. But you and I have our jobs because we've got the strength to do what's necessary. And I'm sorry, but right now, this is it."
―Eric Byer to Lt. Gen. Don Paulsen on the termination of Operation Outcome

USAF Col. Eric Byer, Retired is the main antagonist in The Bourne Legacy. He is able to authorize drone strikes, doing so while attempting to eliminate two Outcome agents, and can terminate assets on loan to the Army.


The Bourne Legacy

Eric Byer
Eric Byer is a former USAF colonel, now head of the National Research Assay Group. When Mark Turso notifies him of the federal investigation into the CIA's black operations, Byer convenes with his team to asses the extent of the damage caused by Pamela Landy's testimony.

He first appears during the beginning of the film, where he is seen jogging in the rain, as Mark Turso informs him of Simon Ross's impending exposé. He is later seen with his team going over a pile of program documents detailing the four black programs: Treadstone, Blackbriar, Outcome, and LARX.


During the Bourne Legacy, it is revealed that Eric Byer and Aaron Cross worked together in Somalia some years earlier.

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