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Saudi's Head of Secret Service, in Bourne Legacy and Bourne Betrayal .

Bourne Legacy

As a head of Saudi's Secret Service, he led four of the most wealthy Muslim nation's guard in The Summit in Iceland. He's calm person, mediator between FSB's Secret Service Boris and CIA's Hull. He didn't take any side, he rather between them safely. Hull himself consider him as a moderate, but he underestimate's Feyd's skill. Stepan Spalko shot him at his forehead, but he's still alive.

Bourne Betrayal

He appeared again in Pakistan, led Saudi's Secret Service to handled Dujja's by themselves, since their leaders, Fadi and Karim, are Saudis. He helped Bourne to freed Lindros, although Lindros was already dying and unhelped. He destroyed Dujja's nuclear facility by exploded its foundation and created a great flood. Later, he assisted Bourne back to USA, and wish his safety.