The Bourne Directory

Gemeinschaft Bank is a bank that is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Jason Charles Bourne had an account here. In The Bourne Identity, the CIA supplied Bourne with $5,000,000, passports of varying nationalities and a handgun in a deposit box under the name of "Treadstone." Bourne took the money and passports but left the handgun, a SIG Sauer SP2009.


The contents of Bourne's safety deposit box were as follows:

  • US Passport (Jason Bourne)
  • US Passport Card (John Michael Kane)
  • Canadian Passport (Paul Kay)
  • French Passport (Nicolas Lemanissier)
  • Russian Passport (Foma Kiniaev)
  • Brazilian Passport (Gilberto de Piento)
  • 2 Air France Club 2000 Credit Cards
  • 2 Platinum American Express Credit Cards
  • 2 Gold "Double Globe" Mastercards
  • 2 French telephone cards
  • French Drivers License
  • French Medical insurance card
  • 2 sets of Elegance color contact lenses with accompanying cases
  • MacHasp USB security key
  • 4 Uniball pen eye needlepoint ub165
  • Coast MT3900CP Multitool Pocket Tool Box
  • Dark Green rubber grip 3 or 4 blade Swiss Army style knife x on grip
  • A Tag Heuer Link Quartz Chronograph Watch - Ref. CT1111.BA0550

Totals for currency breakdowns are approximations but should give a rough idea as to what he carried out of the bank.

  • $110,000 USD in $10,000 bundles
  • R$20,000 Brazilian Reais in R$10,000 bundles
  • ر.س100,000 Saudi Riyals in ر.س50,000 Riyal bundles
  • ƒ100,000 Dutch Guilders in ƒ25,000 Guilder bundles
  • ¥30,000 Chinese Yuan in ¥10,000 bundles
  • £50,000 GBP in £25,000 bundles
  • ₤20,000,000 Italian Lire in ₤10,000,000 Lire bundles
  • F100,000 French Francs in F50,000 bundles
  • DM100,000 Deutsche Marks in DM50,000 bundles
  • $30,000 AUD in $10,000 bundles