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Glock 17

The Glock 17, the first handgun used by Jason Bourne as a Treadstone agent.

Glock 19

A Glock 19


The Glock is a semi-automatic handgun used by Jason Bourne in the majority of the Bourne films. He used a Glock 17 in his training flashbacks and in the New York scenes. It was also used by CIA and NYPD officers while hunting Bourne in Madrid and New York.

The Bourne Identity[]


Bourne pointing at Wombosi's head

During a series of flashbacks showing what happened before Bourne fell wounded into the sea, Bourne is seen holding a laser sight-equipped Glock 19 at Wombosi's head.

The Bourne Ultimatum[]

Several CIA Operatives carry Glock models. Two prominent characters include Pamela Landy and Neil Daniels.

The Bourne Legacy[]

Aaron Cross dual wields a Generation 3 Glock 19 along with a SIG-Sauer P229.

Dr. Connie Dowd is also briefly seen with a Glock 19 during the house shootout.


In May 1980, the company was invited to bid on a contract to supply the Austrian military with a new duty pistol to replace the World War II-era Walther P38 service pistol. Samples were submitted for assessment trials and, after passing all of the exhaustive endurance and abuse tests, Glock emerged as the winner with the Glock 17 model.

The handgun was adopted into service with the Austrian military and police forces in 1982 as the P80 (Pistole 80). Shortly thereafter, the weapon was accepted into service with the Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish armed forces. The Glock 17 gave rise to a range of modified versions with alternative caliber chamberings, external dimensions and weights, all retaining the basic design elements. By 1992, some 350,000 pistols had been sold in more than 45 countries, including 250,000 in the USA.


  • The Glock is popular and easily recognized for its "squarish" design.