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Johan Lang was the heir to Lang Pharmaceuticals, the second largest pharmaceutical company in Germany. He was a minor character in Treadstone.


The Berlin Proposal[]

Treadstone clients became concerned about Lang Pharmaceuticals' aim to purchase and make legal an underground opioid operation run by Patty Vernon. To prevent this, Treadstone agents were dispatched to eliminate Vernon and Lang Pharmaceuticals' new owner, Johan Lang.

While Lang was on retreat in Dharamsala, India, he noticed a woman walking along the same road as him, who smiled at him. Later, while browsing several shops, he noticed her walk past him again, so he began to follow her. When she dropped her scarf, seemingly by accident, Johan picked it up and returned it to her in order to begin a conversation. Although she appeared grateful, she simply used the scarf to cover her nose and mouth while she sprayed an aerosol in his face.

This immediately blinded and began to choke Johan, allowing the assassin to calmly walk away while Johan sat on a curb. He attempted to breathe and clear his vision, but the effects of the aerosol only strengthened over time until he suffocated to death fifteen minutes later.