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The SRD building.

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Johnston Medical Clinic, a section of which is referred to as the Special Research Department, is Treadstone's psychological training facility. It is located at 415 East 71st Street.


Pamela Landy used a code to tell Jason Bourne the address, saying that his birthday was 4/15/71. There, Bourne confronts Albert Hirsch. Meanwhile, Landy faxes Vosen's classified Blackbriar documents and has Vosen arrested. After she made the faxes, Vosen aims and fires at Bourne, sending him off the 10-story roof, and into the river below.


  • 415 East 71st Street in NY is not a glass skyscraper as seen in the movie but a 6 story brownstone building consisting mostly of rental suites
  • In fact the SRD building was filmed at the corner of the NY Family Court building at 60 Lafayette Street. They just slapped a 415 on the outside wall of it.