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Karoli was a Hungarian innkeeper based in Budapest. He was a minor character in Treadstone.


Several months into John Randolph Bentley's Cicada training, he was brought to Budapest to learn how to torture people. The KGB bribed Karoli to be silent and to allow them to perform illegal activities in his inn without him reporting to anyone, although Karoli still noticed the random criminals that were brought to his inn against their will, tortured, and usually killed afterward. During Bentley's time there, he confided in Karoli that he had finally found his "true purpose".


The Bentley Lament[]

Bentley returned to Karoli's inn months later in an attempt to regain his memories after shrugging off the KGB mind control. Karoli fearfully allowed Bentley to see his old room, and told him everything he knew about Bentley's activities in his inn. Shocked at his torturous deeds, Bentley departed to drink away his sorrows.

The Hades Awakening[]

Petra Andropov and several other KGB members returned to Karoli's inn shortly after Bentley left. After interrogating Karoli, they executed him with a bullet to the forehead.