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LARX-3 was a supporting antagonist in the 2012 film The Bourne Legacy. He was an advanced super-soldier of the LARX program dispatched by Eric Byer to eliminate Aaron Cross and Dr. Marta Shearing in the Philippines.

He was portrayed by Louis Ozawa Changchien.



Not much is known about LARX-3, but it appears he was based out of Bangkok, Thailand, and was part of the proposed LARX, program set up by Treadstone.

The Bourne Legacy[]

When Eric Byer finds out that Aaron Cross stole a blue pill inside a factory in order to keep his mental enhancement alive, he decides to sent in LARX-3 to kill him along with Dr. Marta Shearing despite the CIA's protests about launching the program. Arriving in Manila after a 2-hour flight, the LARX-3 informs the Manila authorities of Cross and Dr. Shearing's location so he can follow them to him, hoping to use the police to lure both of them into the open so he can kill both Aaron and Marta himself.

The next day, the local Manila police and their SWAT units begin to raid Cross' apartment, which was witnessed by Dr. Shearing after buying medicine for Cross, who tells him to run since they've been discovered. As Shearing flees, the SWAT team begin raiding Cross' hideout only for him to escape through the favela's rooftops. As the police try to signal where Cross went, the LARX agent begins to also go to the apartment to search for answers, and begins to smell Cross' jacket and knew about his escape. The asset later spots Aaron running through the rooftops and begins chasing after him and Shearing through the crowded streets alongside the police. When Aaron and Shearing escape in a stolen motorcycle LARX-3 steals a police car to go after them with the Manila police using their own bikes to go after them as well. Cross and Shearing eventually lose the police but are still continued to be chase by the LARX-3 through the traffic of Manila, leading it to the crowded marketplaces. The LARX agent is able to injure Cross' leg before being in turn shot by Cross, which leads to him crashing through a local market. He still survives though, albeit injured, and continues to chase the pair. The pursuit leads to them entering an warehouse near a boatyard where Marta eventually kills LARX-3 by kicking his bike, resulting him spiraling out of control and hitting a nearby pillar.


  • He doesn't have any lines and stays silent during the film.