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Larry Hooper was a supporting antagonist in the 2012 film The Bourne Legacy. He was a government operative and a part of a team sent by Eric Byer to kill biochemist Dr. Marta Shearing. Hooper was ultimately killed by protagonist Aaron Cross.

He was portrayed by actor Michael Papajohn.


Hooper is a member of a D-Track Team working clandestinely for the Department of Defense in carrying out covert assassinations. He is implied to be active or former military. In The Bourne Legacy he is instructed alongside several other operatives by Col. Eric Byer, the director of the National Research Assay Group.

He tells Dr. Marta Shearing that he is a special agent, although does not specify from which agency. It is likely this is a cover identity. When visiting Shearing's he is accompanied by fellow operative Dr. Connie Dowd, who identifies herself as a clinical psychologist working with the federal government.

Whilst Dowd talks with Shearing, Hooper searches her house and locates her Smith & Wesson Model 386. He and Dowd attempt to shoot Shearing with the pistol to frame it as a suicide, but are interrupted by Aaron Cross. Hooper is disarmed of the revolver and manhandled by Cross, who throws him across the room and kills him by kicking a wooden table into his head with force. After Cross dispatches of the rest of the team and burns down the property, Hooper's body is discovered by civilian emergency workers alongside those of the other operatives.