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Manheim was a supporting antagonist in the 2002 film The Bourne Identity and the main antagonist in the 2008 video game The Bourne Conspiracy. He was an Operation Treadstone asset-based out of Hamburg, Germany. Manheim was undercover as an employee of FAG Kugelfischer Georg Schäfer AG, now a member of the Schaeffler Group.

He was portrayed by Russell Levy.


The Bourne Identity[]

Alongside Castel and The Professor, Manheim was originally assigned to kill Jason Bourne by CIA field director Alexander Conklin. However, he never reaches Bourne and following the deaths of Castel and the Professor, he was reassigned to kill Conklin himself by orders of his superior, Ward Abbott, because of his failure to apprehend Bourne. Manheim waited in a red Renault Twingo hatchback and is seen attaching a suppressor to his Beretta 92FS. As he steps out, he confronts an injured Conklin and subsequently shoots him twice in the chest and then delivers a final headshot to finish him at close range. He then contacts Treadstone to inform them that his last orders had been carried out.

Manheim's fate is unknown, as he was the only one of the three assets that Bourne didn't kill, though in The Bourne Supremacy, former Treadstone operative Jarda tells Bourne that they are the last two Treadstone agents, implying that Manheim died of some other cause during the span between Identity and Supremacy.

Other appearances[]

The Bourne Conspiracy[]


Manheim, as portrayed in the game.

Manheim appears as the final boss in the game.

In the game, he is followed by Bourne into a nearby church. The two have a shootout inside the church, whereby Manheim blows up a gas tank, causing the church to catch fire. After a lengthy fistfight outside, Bourne delivers a lethal blow to Manheim with a shovel, sending him plummeting to his death.