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Marie Helena Kreutz is an accomplice to Jason Bourne and his love interest. Kreutz first appears in the film adaptation of The Bourne Identity and last appears in the film The Bourne Supremacy, where she is killed by Kirill. In the film adaptation of The Bourne Ultimatum, she appeared in flashbacks.

She was portrayed by Franka Potente, and was loosely based on the character of Marie St. Jacques from the novels.


The Bourne Identity[]

Bourne and Kreutz

Jason and Marie

Marie first appears in The Bourne Identity as a visitor in the U.S. Embassy in Zürich, Switzerland, frustrated by the clerk behind the desk. Jason Bourne approaches her behind the embassy afterwards and hires her to drive him to Paris. Shortly after arriving at his apartment, they are attacked by Castel, a Treadstone asset which results in Bourne emerging victorious from a martial arts engagement. Before Bourne can extract any meaningful information, Castel leaps to his death from the apartment balcony. Bourne then helps Marie out of the apartment where he then attempts to abandon her at a train station to keep her out of further danger. However, they end up in a police pursuit instead, evading police by car throughout Paris until they are able to get away and abandon Marie's vehicle in a parking garage.

That night, they hide out in the Hotel de la Paix, and Bourne helps alter her appearance by cutting her hair short and removing the hair dye. From there they strike out to investigate Bourne's apparently deceased alias, John Michael Kane, who stayed at the Hotel Regina. From there, they discover a morgue where Kane's body was kept, and recognize Nykwanna Wombosi's name on the guest list after first seeing it on the brochures for Alliance Security. Bourne deduces that Wombosi likely knows something crucial about his identity, not knowing that he was Bourne's intended target several weeks prior.

Hoping to meet Wombosi, they arrive at the scene of a homicide as Wombosi's body is carried out on a gurney, having been assassinated by The Professor in a redirected assignment earlier that day. After reading a Parisian evening newspaper, Bourne learns that Wombosi had been targeted on his private yacht off the coast of Marseilles, and that he fits the attackers description. Marie is alarmed by the revelation that Bourne is an assassin and attempts to get away from him, but he stops her for her protection, telling her they need to first get out of the city, promising he will take her wherever she wants to go.

They head south, arriving at Marie's half-brother Eamon's rural farmhouse near Riom. Initially they believe Eamon and his family were gone for the winter, and break into the house for a quick stay. Bourne, seeing lights on inside, realizes they're not away longterm and that he and Marie should go. Before they can leave, Eamon arrives with his children, upset that Marie and Bourne have shown up unannounced and broken into his home. However, Marie settles him down and assures him they only mean to stay for a night. While cooking dinner, Marie and Eamon observe Jason as he watches over the kids and dog playing outside, Eamon questions whether Marie is happy, and she gives an ambiguous answer.

The next day, Bourne prepares for him and Marie to depart, which surprises Eamon, suggesting that Marie often stays longer than she claims. When the children burst inside exclaiming they can't find their dog, Bourne realizes the dog's disappearance is highly unusual and advises the family to hide in the basement. Marie joins them while Bourne engages The Professor in a nearby meadow. Afterwards, he sends Marie away with Eamon, looking to face the rest of Treadstone alone and keeping her out of harms way.

Some time later after Bourne completes his work in Paris, he arrives on Mykonos, finding Marie running a small shop where tourists can rent scooters. They embrace in a happy reunion.

The Bourne Supremacy[]

Two years later she and Jason were living peacefully in Goa, India. When Bourne spotted a Russian assassin, he attempted to flee with her. As they drove away, Bourne requests Marie to drive but she ends up being fatally shot by Kirill who mistakenly believed that Bourne was the driver, causing the vehicle to drive into a river. Bourne attempted to save her, but she was already dead. Her body and the vehicle was later found in the river.

The Bourne Ultimatum[]

She appears in flashbacks.

After Moscow, Bourne seeks out Marie's other half-brother Martin to inform him that Marie had been killed. Martin says he always suspected that's how things would end for Marie, though Bourne tells him he didn't believe that.

In this film, Franka Potente is not credited as Marie, so the actors in the flashbacks taken from the previous films are not part of the credit roll.