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"You break it, you bought it. It was ever thus."
―Ret. USN Adm. Mark Turso to Ezra Kramer[src]

Admiral Mark Turso (USN, Ret.) is a senior Department of Defense official who served as the Director of Operation Outcome and the overarching antagonist of The Bourne Legacy.


As head of Operation Outcome, Turso meets with CIA Director Ezra Kramer to discuss the potential implications of Operation Treadstone and Operation Blackbriar becoming public after the actions of Jason Bourne and former CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy.

He criticises the CIA misuse of the operatives they were provided for Treadstone and Blackbriar, comparing it to using a "Ferrari as a lawnmower". Turso goes on to voice his concern that programs like Outcome, and other more advanced ones in development for the Department of Defense could also be made public going forward.

Turso later meets with with Col. Eric Byer, the director of the National Research Assay Group (a covert research and development agency who have spearheaded and managed development of all operatives later delegated to various agencies) and his team. They are accompanied by Terrence Ward, the CEO of pharmaceutical company Sterisyn-Morlanta who works alongside NRAG to produce genome altering medication (nicknamed "chems") for several programs.