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Doctor Marta Shearing was the deuteragonist in the 2012 film The Bourne Legacy. She was one of the biochemists working on the Outcome project.

She was portrayed by Rachel Weisz.


The Bourne Legacy[]

Dr. Shearing is left alive when Donald Foite kills all other scientists working in Operation Outcome by the order of Eric Byer. Four "D-Trac" assassins disguised as federal agents later visit Shearing at her country house. When she states her belief of Foite having been chemically brainwashed into becoming an emotionless killer, the assassins attempt to fake her suicide, but are killed by Aaron Cross, who is looking for medication to keep his mind from degrading.

Shearing reveals that Cross has been genetically modified by a tailored virus to retain the physical benefits permanently without needing the green chemicals anymore. Together they viral him off his medication and continue to hide from the CIA.

Cross and Shearing travel to Manila, where the chemicals are manufactured, to try to infect him with another virus that will make his intelligence permanent. They bluff their way into the Morlanta Pacific pharmaceutical factory and Shearing injects Cross with the live virus stems. Byer alerts factory security, but they evade capture. Byer then orders LARX-3, a chemically-brainwashed super-soldier, to track and kill them.

When police surround their shelter Shearing returns from buying medicine and sees the police closing on Cross. She screams a warning to Cross who then evades the police and subsequently intervenes in her capture by the police and they steal a motorbike. After a lengthy chase through the streets and marketplaces of Manila, they lose the police and kill LARX-3. Shearing persuades a Filipino boatman to help them escape by sea.