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Matt Edwards is a London-based CIA agent and a secondary character in Treadstone.


The Cicada Protocol[]

When General Chin-Hwa Kwon of the North Korean People's Army requested to see Tara Coleman, Ellen Becker flagged it as suspicious and dispatched Edwards to speak with Coleman. As she was a cab driver at the time, he had her pick him up, and talked to her during the ride, offering to restore her reputation as a journalist if she agreed to record the conversation.

She agreed, and Edwards remained station outside with a strike team. When Kwon destroyed the device, Edwards prepared to move in immediately, but Becker ordered him to stand down, much to his frustration. He spoke with Coleman after the fact, but she was not very responsive, and he realized she had been turned against him.

The Kwon Conspiracy[]

After being briefed by Ellen Becker on the nature of the cicada portion of Operation Treadstone, separate from Operation Blackbriar, Edwards hotly insisted that if Treadstone is coming back, it must be stopped. Becker agreed, and gave him leave to speak with Martin Wells, a behavioral modification specialist formerly involved with Operation Treadstone. From Wells Edwards learned that agents could be trained to "activate" in response to certain hypnotic triggers, such as a word, sound, or image. He revealed that cicadas all over the world were activating, and that one had activated just three days ago, who Edwards wanted to visit.

Edwards also attempted to regain Tara Coleman's trust by warning her about assassinations headed her way in Paris, but she refused to trust him.