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Max Schneider was a former KGB officer who worked on the Cicada program, and later became an investment partner and informant to Yuri Leniov prior to his death in Treadstone.


The Kwon Conspiracy[]

Petra Andropov arrived in Moscow to report her husband's death, her phone line having been replaced by a women's clothing store. On arrival, she called Max Schneider to arrange a meeting at Restaurant Matryoshka, 8 PM. Although Schneider said he intended to meet her with Yuri Leniov, he simply reported her to Yuri who then sent an assassin after her.

The Berlin Proposal[]

After defeating Yuri's assassin, Petra came for Schneider and held a knife to his throat, demanding answers. Schneider claimed not to have sent the assassin, and told Petra where Yuri was now located. Despite this, Petra slit his wrist anyway, killing him.