The MAR, also called the Micro Galil, is a reduced-size version of the Galil SAR. Compared to the original carbine, the MAR has a shortened barrel, receiver, piston, gas tube and foregrip. The firearm is fed from 35 or 50-round steel magazines and the 35-round magazines can be clipped together to increase reload speed. An optional magazine adapter inserted inside the magazine well allows the use of standard 20 and 30-round M16 magazines. The lever safety and fire selector (located on both sides of the receiver) has four settings: “S” – weapon is safe, “A” – automatic fire, “B” – 3-round burst, “R” – semi-automatic mode. The barrel has a multifunction muzzle device. The MAR is equipped with a folding tubular metal stock and a flip aperture sight with two settings: 0-300 m and beyond 300 m. The MAR can also be equipped with a night vision device (attached through an adapter mounted to the left side of the receiver), a daytime optical sight (mounted via a receiver cover adapter), iron sights with tritium illuminated dots, a vertical forward grip with integrated laser pointer, silencer and a nylon sling. Upon request, the weapon can be supplied with a bolt catch, plastic magazines weighing 0.164 kg or an enlarged trigger guard for use with gloves.


The Micro Galil was a weapon used by Castel, when breaking into Bourne's apartment.

Mistakes in the Film

When Castel breaks in guns blazing and eventually runs out of ammo, you can hear two to three clicks from the bolt. This is not possible with a real Micro Galil, as it uses a bolt catch, and clacks only once when its ammo is depleted.