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Morris Panov was an agency psychologist recommended by Alexander Conklin to Bourne, to help repair Jason Bourne's fractured psyche.



Not much is known of Mo Panov's past, however of what is implied in The Bourne Legacy novel, he was an old agency psychologist that was helping Bourne recovering his memories and repairing his fractured psyche. It is also implied that he along with Conklin became Bourne's best friends, to the point that the latter referred to him by his first name.

The Bourne Legacy[]

When visiting Conklin's house at Manassas, Virginia, Bourne finds that not only Conklin is there but also Mo Panov. Bourne searched the house and finds no one. However when he reached Conklin's studio, Bourne finds both Mo and Conklin dead with a shot wound on their foreheads.