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Oleg Popov was a farmer living in Kursk, Russia, with his wife Petra. He appeared in Treadstone.


The Cicada Protocol[]

Unbeknownst to Popov, his wife Petra was an undercover KGB agent who married him for the sake of appearances in order to discreetly guard Stiletto Six, a Russian nuclear missile hidden beneath the barn on their farm. Although Popov was a jovial man and happily married in his ignorance, even despite Petra's bitter attitude, Popov inadvertently arranged his undoing when he sold his bull Vladimir for enough money to buy a hearing aid.

Petra was angry and condescending of Popov's decision, but Popov was entirely unbothered, enrapt in the joy of finally being able to hear again. Calling himself a "happy man", he played music and danced with Petra despite her reluctance, but stopped when he heard a strange, electronic buzzing sound coming from the barn. Petra then took his hearing aid away, saying "no more buzzing", but Popov took it back from her while she slept.

Following the noise to the barn, Popov searched under the floorboards until he discovered a shaft leading into the earth. He followed it down, traversed a short tunnel, and passed through a sealed door into a large, dark chamber with loud electronic ululations. Overwhelmed by the noise, Popov took off his hearing aid, only to find his wife Petra standing behind him. Jubilant, he told her he was right about the buzzing, but when she remained silent he became concerned. Looking down, he noticed the sickle in her hand, and she stabbed him with it.

The last words Popov heard were those of his wife telling him "I tried to warn you", until he eventually dropped to the floor and bled out.