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Patty Vernon was the leader of an underground opioid trafficking organization. She was a minor antagonist in Treadstone.


Vernon had entered into talks with Lang Pharmaceuticals, a powerful German pharmaceutical company, to purchase her illicit organization and convert it into a legal operation. However, another unnamed organization wanted to prevent this, and so paid Operation Treadstone to eliminate the leaders of both parties, Patty Vernon and Johan Lang respectively. Treadstone had Carol Jane Devers activate Doug McKenna to eliminate Vernon.


The Berlin Proposal[]

After Doug McKenna snapped and failed his mission, they dispatched Lowell to collect him for reprogramming so that he could complete his mission to kill Vernon. However, Doug McKenna's wife Samantha McKenna killed Lowell before he could take Doug McKenna into custody.

The Kentucky Contract[]

After determining that Treadstone was active and had tasked Doug McKenna with killing Vernon, Samantha urged her husband to follow through and complete his mission. Relenting, he joined a heist crew spearheaded by a corrupt policeman, who intended to rob Vernon.

The Bentley Lament[]

While Vernon was overseeing her opioid production that night and the heist was secretly underway, Doug McKenna fired off several rounds to announce their presence. This forced the heist crew to become bogged down in a gun fight with Vernon's security, prompting Vernon to flee, although McKenna was able to follow her in the pandemonium.

As she neared the exit, she and her guards were blinded by car lights up ahead. Her final two guards then dropped to the ground with bullets in their skulls, and McKenna himself stepped in front of the light, demanding to know why the CIA wanted her dead. Vernon claimed the CIA didn't even know she existed, and attempted to bribe McKenna for her life, but he shot and killed her mid-sentence.