Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) uses a SIG Pro SP2022 compact pistol in Moscow when he is accosted by the Russian police in a pharmacy. This scene is set momentarily after the car chase in Supremacy, so, for continuity, he should really be using a SIG-Sauer P225, as that was the handgun he took from John Nevins and carried throughout the previous film. Bourne is later seen carrying the SP2022 in New York, seen "Mexican-carried" in his waist. This interchanges with a Glock when he is questioning Dr. Hirsch about his past. Neal Daniels (Colin Stinton), CIA station chief in Madrid, takes a SIG Pro when he goes on the run. One of the CIA agents sent in "heavy" to Daniels' office in Madrid has a SIG Pro with a camera attached. Bourne beats him up and takes it.

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