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I-volunteered-because-of-a-lie-photo-u1 I volunteered because of a lie.”

This article is about something not canon to the Bourne Films or Novel series.

Shipyard Infiltration is the second level in The Bourne Conspiracy in 2008.


Locate suppies[]

Bourne came to the shipyard and tried to sneak in. However, with o'connor dead, Wombosi's maintain security was on alert. This led to the arrival of Raptor 62 chopper, which Bourne shot down some soldiers as he fled the helicopter.

Escape the Chopper & Survive Solomon's Assault[]

However, as Bourne fled into the south warehouse, he was attacked by Wombosi's Lieutenant Solomon. After a battle, Bourne threw Solomon into the water“Like a child,” though Conklin didn't think he was dead because“He and Wombosi were involved in a coup and two civil wars.”. Bourne escaped outside and used a propane tank to blow up Raptor 62 chopper's tail, causing the chopper to crash. Conklin accused Bourne of going too far, drawing the attention of the Marseille police and making Wombosi aware of Bourne's“Demeanor.”. Bourne, however, will use the fuel station to turn things around.

Head to the Fueling Station & Turn on the Fuel Valves & Get to the Supply ship[]

Bourne moves on, only to find Solomon accusing his men and claiming to let the Corsicans handle it. Under pressure from Marseille police, Wombosi finally appeared on the radio and ordered Solomon to act quickly. By this time, however, Bourne had come to the fuel station and opened the pipe, causing a gas leak. Bourne then boarded the last supply ship before the station exploded.

Eliminate Solomon and Fake Bourne's death[]

To keep Bourne away from Wombosi's yacht, Solomon and the soldiers chased him and fought him. Bourne defeated most of the soldiers, but Solomon defeated him and threw him overboard with the chains. However, Bourne took the opportunity to feign death and successfully infiltrate Wombosi's yacht.