The Bourne Directory

Soloman, as portrayed in the game.

Soloman was Wombosi's lieutenant, and was in charge of killing Jason Bourne, after the assassin that he sent failed. A hulking brute of a man, Soloman survived several wars and a coup during his service to Wombosi.


Soloman first encountered Bourne on the docks where he fought him hand-to-hand, only to find himself thrown over a railing into the sea below. Jason initially thought he had killed Soloman, but a few minutes later he saw him conversing with some of his subordinates. Solomon then decided to bring a group of Corsican mercenaries to assist in killing Bourne. Bourne then sets off fuel pumps to create the impression that he died in a blast so Wombosi would think he was dead. However, Solomon and the Corsicans spot him on a small boat as he attempts to board Wombosi's yacht. Bourne takes on Solomon again but this time he pretends to lose and allows Solomon to wrap a heavy chain around him and throw him overboard, faking his death. He then sneaks on-board the yacht after pulling himself up from under water.


On the yacht, Soloman encounters Bourne for the last time on the patio. The two engage in a brutal fight that ends when Bourne kicks the lieutenant over the side, where he plunges into the stormy ocean. He is presumed to be dead.