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Soyun Pak (Korean: 박소윤) is a cicada and one of the main characters in USA's series Treadstone. She is portrayed by Han Hyo-joo.


The Cicada Protocol[]

Soyun is introduced as a North Korean piano tutor. She has a husband Dae Pak, and a son named Jin Woo Pak. One day, her son gave her an "American game machine" that he found mysteriously placed in his locker, which Soyun quickly took for fear of government officials discovering it. When she turned it on, "Frère Jacques", which activated her cicada protocol.

Soyun smashed the machine, and inside she found a needle and an address, "3200 Pongwha Street". Being nearby her work, she made excuses to the girl she was tutoring and left while her employer was away, shimmying across a wire that connected her building to the 3200 Pongwha Street building. After she reached the building, she entered a room with General Chin-Hwa Kwon, who addressed her in English, which she was astonished to realize she understood and could speak. Kwon demanded to know who "woke" her, but she didn't know, and he attacked her. Although the fight was close, and Kwon managed to knock aside the needle Soyun attempted to puncture him with, Soyun managed to choke Kwon out before returning to her job as if nothing had occurred.

The Kwon Conspiracy[]

After hiding her injuries with cosmetics, Soyun returned to her family and took her son on a walk through a park. There, he admitted that he had not actually found the GameBoy in his locker, but was given it by Colonel Shin. When Soyun returned home, she begged her husband Dae Pak to consider going to South Korea, but he was taken away by Colonel Shin for a promotion and he later had her promise never to bring up South Korea again.