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Stepan Spalko is main antagonist in the book The Bourne Legacy

A famous Hungarian who's famous with his humanitarian organization, Humanistas Ltd.He used Humanistas Ltd. as a cover for his plan to intrude to Terrorism Summit of US, Russia, and four Muslim states in the world. His plan is to use Hasan Arsenov and Zina from Chechnya rebel as his pawns.

First, he hired Khan to kill Khalid Murat from Chechnya rebellion to made Arsenov get his throne. Then, he killed Conklin and framed Jason Bourne, to get information about NX-20, anthrax weapon. After killed a Hungarian millionaire, Conklin's friend, he and his Chechen team took the NX-20 from a Hungarian scientist.

Later, he used Annaka Vadas, Bourne's helper in many times, to trap Bourne and tortured him. Khan saved Bourne, then both of them went to Iceland to stop Spalko. Spalko betrayed Arsenov, and the rest is only Zina. But darkness created by Bourne and Khan forced him to escape.

Bourne killed Spalko in Spalko's fishing boat.


  • Spalko is a sadist. In his private room, he usually torture his opponents to force them do what he wants. After that, he kill them. The only survivor of his torture room is Bourne, thanks to Khan.