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Tara Coleman is a Cicada, former journalist and one of the main characters in USA's television series, Treadstone. She is portrayed by Tracy Ifeachor.


The sole survivor of a car crash that wiped out her family, Coleman was an investigative journalist until she attempted a story on Stiletto Six. Stiletto Six is a decommissioned USSR nuclear missile that found its way to the black market, but she was immediately discredited over the story, her editor pulling it and firing her. Coleman then became a cab driver.


The Cicada Protocol[]

North Korean General Chin-Hwa Kwon requested an audience with her specifically, catching the eye of the CIA. CIA agent Matt Edwards promised to restore her reputation if she wore a recording device to the meeting, which she agreed to. During the meeting, Kwon brought up Operation Treadstone to mislead the CIA, and then destroyed Coleman's recording device. He implored her to stop a rogue faction in North Korea from buying Stiletto Six launch codes from Yuri Leniov, and to save his daughter in Paris, because his enemies would soon kill him. Although overwhelmed, Coleman chose to help Kwon, and lied to the CIA when Edwards asked if Stiletto Six was mentioned during the conversation.

The Kwon Conspiracy[]

Although Edwards attempted to reach out to her by revealing General Kwon's death and warning her of two hitmen who arrived in Paris to intercept her, Coleman refused his help and instead reached out to Jang-Mi Kwon. She convinced Jang-Mi to accompany her by giving her the necklace that Chin-Hwa Kwon had entrusted her with and by revealing Chin-Hwa's death, and although she nearly made it to the Ecuadorian embassy, Jang-Mi's boyfriend was killed and their car crashed.