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"How many people even understand this work, let alone have the will to pursue it? Nothing has even happened yet!"
―Terrence Ward on the assassination of Albert Hirsch[src]

Terrence Ward is a senior pharmaceutical executive for Sterisyn-Morlanta, the pharmaceutical company that contracts with the National Research Assay Group and Department of Defense. He was a supporting antagonist of The Bourne Legacy.


Ward's full official title is Senior Vice President for Candent Precision Metrics. The Candent Group is the parent company that owns Sterisyn-Morlanta and several other businesses.

The Bourne Legacy[]

Ward is notified of the impending senate investigation against Operation Treadstone and Operation Blackbriar, whereupon he works with NRAG Director Eric Byer and his team to contain the situation an insulate other existing and proposed black ops projects from exposure.

As Sterisyn-Morlanta performs testing and manufactures the genome altering medication (referred to as "chems") for operatives in newer programs such as Operation Outcome and Operation LARX, this requires the termination of all scientists associated with the research. NRAG is able to brainwash Dr. Donald Foite, causing him to have a psychotic break and carry out a mass shooting of his colleagues, unintentionally leaving biochemist Dr. Marta Shearing as the only survivor.