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The Bentley Lament is the fifth episode of the first season of Treadstone. It aired on November 12, 2019.


Bentley discovers the truth. Doug goes on a dangerous mission. Tara confronts her past.



Bentley is in Budapest on the chase for a missing Field Agent named Don Matheson. He starts his hunt in a neighborhood bar, where he's astounded to discover that the barkeep, Miklos, remembers him and knows him as a brutal danger. Bentley is considering Matheson's records when Miklos returns with a firearm focused on Bentley's head, and there are a few men moving in. Bentley gets a move on, Miklos and removing the lights before crippling four local people who have meat with Bentley. Luckily, one of the men knows where Bentley lives, or used to live, giving Bentley another lead in the quest for his lost memories.Bentley advances toward a ratty high rise where the director, Karoli, recalls Bentley from his time living there, however Bentley still has no memory. As he advances into his old room, Bentley begins to get swoon memories, and he tears away the backdrop and finds that his name has been composed over and again on the divider under the backdrop. His feelings bubble over at his past self's conspicuous endeavors to keep hold over his actual personality, and he tosses a seat into a mirror, which breaks to uncover a little perception live with a seat and a tripod. He follows this space to a storage room, where he sees a little seat, TV, and tapes. At the point when he plays one of the tapes, he's appalled to see his adversary from the bar being tormented in the loft. This deteriorates, as he sees that the torturer is himself, and he's getting a charge out of it. As Petra energizes him, Bentley's torment proceeds onward to his previous individual CIA specialist Matheson, who is at present missing – on the tape, Matheson gives Bentley the names of the CIA operators who Bentley has acknowledged he executed when under Soviet psyche control. Bentley is torn away from the video film when Karoli shows up and reveals to Bentley that the KGB utilized the structure to torment men from the city, and that Bentley was really having fun when he was living there as one of the adversary.

Toward the finish of his brains, Bentley at last calls home to talk with his mom, however he can't stand to converse with her and hangs up. Without any leads, Bentley stops at a plunge bar for a beverage, where a young lady named Katya approaches him and discloses to him that he needs to give up. She takes him to an underground night club and acquaints him with her technique for giving up – Katya is going to control Bentley on a corrosive outing in order to regain who he used to be.

Present Day[]

Doug and Spencer's team show up at the preparing plant, and Doug, having read the diagrams for the plant, is promptly on an unexpected motivation in comparison to the remainder of the gathering. In the wake of driving the group onto the fundamental floor, Doug at last spots the lady from the mugshot that he's been searching for since The Kwon Conspiracy. 

After the team is spotted, anarchy emits, and Doug, having set up Spencer and his group as a redirection, dispatches into full assault mode, utilizing the entirety of the abilities that have been covering up inside him for a considerable length of time. As he incapacitates the gatekeepers, Doug advances up to where Patty Vernon, the neighborhood medicate pin and lady from the mugshot, works.

With Spencer and his group reeling at this impromptu one-man destroying team, Doug is stunned to discover as a matter of fact his companion Mike working with the medication sprinters in the distribution center. Doug responds in a brief moment and shoots one of Spencer's team individuals, sparing Mike's life, at that point he gets to Patty Vernon lastly executes her, satisfying his crucial.

Doug later gets back later to Samantha, who has been standing by frightfully with the expectation that he would return. Doug discloses to her that he carried out his responsibility, yet it resembled it was another person who assumed control over his body, and he fears that he's turning around into a monster.Tara discovers Meghan, an old companion from her past life as a writer, at a memorial service parade in Accra, Ghana. As they make up for lost time, Tara begins to fill Meghan in on her new examination of Treadstone, at that point uncovers to Meghan that she's there to see another old contact, Sebastian, with whom Tara has a confounded relationship.

Tara before long ends up at a Ghana jail where Meghan's cousin, Kofi, encourages her benefit access to see Sebastian. Sebastian is a beguiling weapons seller; while his sentimental past with Tara is difficult to oppose, his charms may not function also on a portion of his individual detainees who appear to have it out for him. Despite the fact that Tara is there to get data about her present examination, Sebastian keeps attempting to raise their past. At the point when Tara uncovers that she's there to talk about the story - a similar Stiletto Six story that she had fixated on for a considerable length of time - Sebastian excuses her. As he attempts to leave, Tara discloses to Sebastian that Yuri Leniov is selling the Stiletto Six dispatch codes on the bootleg market, and Tara needs Sebastian to allow her entrance to Yuri. This draws a response from Sebastian, however he will not assist Tara with pursuing down her old fixation.

Later in the day, Sebastian holds back to get once more into his cell when Kofi discretely passes a natively constructed shiv to a prisoner. The shiv clears its path through the prisoners until at long last one uses it to betray Sebastian! As the emergency vehicle diverts Sebastian from the jail, Sebastian recaptures awareness to discover Tara holding his hand. She timidly uncovers that she had somebody cut him so as to get him out of the jail, at that point she took care of the rescue vehicle driver and recruited a helicopter, who is currently holding on to take Tara, Sebastian, and Meghan off to discover Yuri Leniov.The North Korean bootlegger leads Soyun to his dinghy and teaches all her far out underneath his containers. The ploy is up very quickly, be that as it may, as a North Korean outskirt monitor moves toward the vessel and make the bootlegger's papers out as fakes. After the dealer endeavors to draw a weapon, the outskirt watch shoots him, and Soyun jolts from her concealing spot and takes out the watchman, at that point begins paddling herself to China. In the wake of showing up at the Chinese fringe, Soyun sheets a secured truck containing different workers escaping for China. 

In Beijing, Treadstone resource Nira Patel exits a transport and finds an extra closet containing a duffel pack with a rifle, a gun, a few sharp edges… and an image of Soyun as her next objective.

In Eastern China, the truck driver discloses to Soyun that she needs to get out, and she follows a blazing light down a dim street where she discovers as a matter of fact Nira Patel hanging tight for her. Nira requests that Soyun hand over the envelope that Soyun has brought from North Korea, and when she's going to hand them over, Soyun remembers them as the rocket plans from Dae's lockbox in their home. Understanding that this handoff will ensnare her significant other, Soyun assaults! In an epic, hand-to-hand battle between two Treadstone resources, Nira at last gets the advantage at that point shoots Soyun in the side and takes the envelope, leaving Soyun for dead.


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