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This article is about something not canon to the Bourne Films or Novel series.


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The Bourne Conspiracy(mobile) is a mobile game based off of Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy, a video game based off of Robert Ludlum's character Jason Bourne. The game was developed by Vivendi Games Mobile and was released in 2008.


The Park[]

Jason Bourne came to Zurich, Switzerland, after being rescued by a fisherman and suffering from amnesia, to search for memories and sleep in a park. However, after being woken up by two security guards, he instinctively overpowered them and made it out of the park without being caught by the other security guards.

Flashback: Wombosi[]

On his way out, Bourne recalled a mission that had caused him to drift and lose his memory: the assassination of Nykwanna Wombosi, a deposed Nigerian dictator. He got on the Wombosi cruise first, then took out the patrol guards along the way. Solomon blocked his way to Wombosi, but he was quickly killed by Bourne.

The Embassy[]

When Bourne finally got to the bank and found his passport to get the name, he went to the U. S. Embassy and was found by the Marines. He managed to escape from the Marines on the roof.

Castel Fight[]

Jason Bourne and Marie Kreutz went to his hideout in Paris to find out more. However, he noticed that hideout's building was heavily guarded, so he asked Marie to wait outside while he sneaked into the building and slipped past the guards. However, he eventually encountered the leader of the guards, Castel, a treadstone agent, and engaged him in battle. It turns out that Castel was killed by Bourne.

A Marked Man[]

After killing Castel, Bourne realized he was no longer safe, but he couldn't implicate Marie, so he bypassed Castel's guards from the outside and made his way to Marie's car.

The Pursuit[]

Marie says she has a friend here who can help them avoid danger. Bourne and her drove through Paris and managed to avoid the pursuers.

Flashback: Rurik[]

On the way, Bourne recalled a mission in Vilnius, Lithuania: the assassination of former Army General Rurik. Although he managed to kill Rurik, Rurik's guards discovered Bourne's location and began to move in that direction. Bourne had to fight them, and in the end he killed the captain of the guard.


Bourne and Marie take shelter at Eamon's farm. However, while Bourne was running in the morning, he discovered some assassins sent by the professor, another treadstone agent. Bourne had to fight them at the farm and managed to kill all the agents.

The Professor[]

The only agent who came to assassinate Bourne was the professor. Bourne came under his sniper fire, which forced Bourne to dodge the professor's bullet as he made his way to the professor. Bourne eventually fought the professor in the barn and used the gas bottle behind the professor to blow him up.

The Meeting[]

Bourne met with Alexander Conklin, Treadstone's director. However, Bourne noticed traps all around Conklin. He accused Conklin of not meeting alone and starting to run away from agents.

Paris Chase[]

Conklin's agents continue to pursue Bourne and try to kill him. Bourne used the car to escape from the agents.

Flashback: Azar[]

As he fled, Bourne remembered a mission he had once carried out in Paris: to kill Azar, an arms dealer. He managed to get past the guards into the museum and then took out most of Azar's guards. Finally, Bourne engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Azar and eventually killed him.

The Last Run[]

Bourne tried to get close to the Treadstone safe house so he could see Conklin again, but agents found him. Bourne ran on the roof to get the agents to chase him.


Bourne used the tracker he installed on Conklin's car to find the Treadstone safe house and confront Conklin directly. Conklin tells Bourne he's a $30 million weapon, but Bourne says he won't do it again. Conklin, however, was quickly killed by Manheim, the last Treadstone agent behind it. In order to catch up with Manheim, Bourne had to engage the agents and eventually find Manheim on the top floor. The two men engage in hand-to-hand combat, but Manheim is quickly killed by Bourne. Treadstone's attempt to assassinate Bourne ended in failure.