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Treadstone Game Title

The game title of Robert Ludlum Treadstone.

Robert Ludlum Treadstone is a cancelled game originally developed by Redical Entertainment. The game will tell the story of Operation Treadstone, similar to the 2019 television series of the same name. The game was supposed to be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008. However, development of Robert Ludlum Treadstone was cancelled after the publisher Activision said it had too many projects to worry about. On May 14,2011, a leaked video of the game was uploaded to Youtube, where it explains how to play the game.[1]

On June 24,2022, another video described the game in more detail. The video first shows a Concept Artwork, called "A Spy in Moscow,” that draws on the city's architecture and crowds, a stage where the game might perform a mission. The "Main menu” is then shown. Later, as a demonstration of "Dossier Mission", a russian mafia faction planned to buy a classified dossier from an unknown source. The main character of the game in the subway, Streets, rooftops and other places for the exchange of fire, tracking, sniping and other acts. Finally, some live-action concept videos tell about The Call Phone UI、 Agent Instinct UI (a concept later adopted by The Bourne Conspiracy) and Being Made UI .[2]