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Treadstone is a TV series distributed USA Network.[1] The show began production in 2019. It premiered on October 15th, 2019 and was cancelled after one season in 2020.[2] It had Mixed to Negative Reviews and low tv ratings.


It focuses on the titular Treadstone program. The first season will reportedly follow multiple subjects as they are "awakened" to complete their missions.[3]


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


Season One[]

Ep# Title Airdate
01 "The Cicada Protocol" October 15th, 2019
02 "The Kwon Conspiracy" October 22nd, 2019
03 "The Berlin Proposal" October 28th, 2019
04 "The Kentucky Contract" November 5th, 2019
05 "The Bentley Lament" November 12th, 2019
06 "The Hades Awakening" November 19th, 2019
07 "The Paradox Andropov" November 26th, 2019
08 "The Mckenna Erasure" December 3rd, 2019
09 "The Seoul Asylum" December 10th, 2019
10 "The Cicada Covenant" December 17th, 2019